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rallying by her side. fox 5 morning news starts right now. >> this is fox 5 morning news. >> here's a live look outside at the traffic problems on the beltway as a result of that accident we just mentioned to you. a lot more details about this. it's a slow roll in that part of prince georges county. right now it's wednesday january 30th. good morning i'm tony perkins. >> i'm sarah simmons. allison seymour has the day off. this is video from mississippi where a tornado damaged the roof of a restaurant yesterday. high winds also caused problems in parts of kentucky, tennessee and indiana. one death has been reported in nashville where a man was killed when a tree came down on a shed. some of that stormy weather could be on its way here. >> before that, we're going to
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go to tucker first? we're going to do that? let's go to tucker barnes to get the details on what will be spring like day today. >> thank you, tony. yeah, starting off with temperae s in the 50s across much of the area. one more warm day. upper 60s near 70 and then the g kabosh here. much cooler air on the way. let's get to it and show you the numbers. reagan national 58. temperatures jumped 4 degrees. dulles 61. got a front across the area and that's holding temperatures back. bwi 41. low 40s to mid 60s at the moment. a lot of clouds today and eventually rain showers move in. and the rain when it moves in will be heavy at times during the nighttime hours. most of the day should be cloudy and sun seasonably
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warm and late this afternoon and tonight the rain moves in. we could be looking for potential of an inch or two. because of that we could have issues with flash flood warning. issued a flash flood warning and a wind advisory for counties out to the west. winds could gust along the ridge lines up to about 50 miles per hour. be ready for blustery conditions. here's your forecast high temperatures. enjoy the warmth one more day to 60s to 70 and much colder tomorrow. the 7 day featuring a couple different chances for snowflakes. okay. that's a look at weather. back to you tony and sarah at the desk. >> all right. thank you very much. breaking news as we told you on the beltway where crews are still on the scene of a serious accident that happened much earlier this morning. 7 people are in the hospital after
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a fire truck, tractor trailer, suv all collided. melanie alnwick is live at the scene with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. we do know there are two lanes on the inner loop getting by plus a shoulder lane here. things are starting to slowly improve. it is going to take quite sometime with all of this backed up traffic sitting here for several hours. you mentioned 7 people injured. four of those firefighters in critical condition. the other four said to be in serious condition but nonlife threatening injuries as well as the other three. serious, not life threatening but taken by ground 2 trauma centers. let's take you to video from earlier today. this all started around 2:45 this morning. engine 858 was leaving the scene of an earlier accident. it was rear-ended by actor trailer and the two of
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the large vehicles went over the wall into on coming traffic, that's where that third car the suv got involved. just a big mess here. we also talked to the fire chief about the injuries to his firefighters. >> we have four of our own at the hospital. one in critical condition as you said been transported to baltimore. it's unusual we're involved in an accident while we're moving on the beltway. a fire truck is blocking and becomes involved. so this is unusual. >> reporter: and you can see they are making progress on cleaning up the scene. the fire engine has been up righted. if it does they can tow it out of here and get that tractor trailer up righted. you can see over here they've put sand down.
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if you are coming along this side, you may have to be slowed up while they put more of that down. that is the latest from here, back to you guys. >> all right. thank you. >> now, we want to check in with julie for a look at the rest of your traffic. >> this is a big mess on the east side of your town to and from land over, that's where we had a lot of problems. we continues to find the delays south of 50. average speed down to 5 miles per hour as you travel between greenbelt and land over. i was suggesting earlier folks take the bw parkway. if we have the shot now. the crash occurred at 450 involving three vehicles. some traffic is able to squeeze by single file to the left. one of the vehicles loaded up on a roll back. big delay southbound out of laurel. and in that back up we're told of another crash 197.
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tough ride for you guys this morning. bw parkway no longer an option with big delays. stay single file to the left in order to get through. let's continue with our cameras. you will find northbound on 395 delays continue past the beltway. pentagon to the inbound 14th street bridge. delays on 66 fair oaks to 123. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> thank you. we continue to follow a developing story out of alabama this morning. a man shot and killed a school bus driver and then kidnapped a 6 year old boy. wisdom is back with the latest on this case. >> police are still on the scene in midland city. it's a small town in southeast, alabama. this all began late yesterday afternoon. police say the man boarded the bus and shot the driver several times when he refused to let him take a child.
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he grabbed the boy and took off. he has been holding him in an under ground bomb shelter. the 6 year old is said to be doing okay. neighbors have been evacuated as a precaution. so far, no word on a motive or if there is any relationship between the man and the boy. the bus driver did die from the gunshot wounds and at this point police have not released the identities of any of the people involved. sarah, back to you. >> all right. thanks. our other big story now, a former police officer faces up to 25 years in prison for the death of an unarmed woman. a panel found daniel wright guilty of voluntary manslaughter for the shooting death of patricia cook. this all happened last february when wright responded to a call about a suspicious person in a parking lot. he says they argued, then she
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rolled up the window and tried to drive off. he fired at her 7 times in self defense. john leopold has lost his seat after a judge found him guilty of misconduct in office. the judge dismissed the more serious charge. no sentencing date has been set just yet. could face probation, minor jail time and fines. also means the end of his political career. john hammond the county's chief administrative officer will serve as acting county executive. >> happening today, maryland governor delivers his annual state of the state and for the first time this year, you can take part. residents can submit questions for the administration on social media and the maryland government web site. for links check out our web site at also today, a senate panel will hold first hearing on
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curbing gun violence less than two months at the massacre at sandy hook elementary school. sets up a showdown on supporters for firearms and gun rights advocates. hear testimony from the husband of gabby giffords. he supports more security and enforcing existing gun laws. not the president's gun control proposals. >> more changes coming to president obama's cabinet. senator john kerry was overwhelmingly confirmed to replace hillary clinton. the vote was 94-3. three republicans opposing his confirmation. the state department is planning a welcome ceremony on monday morning. >> president obama lays out his
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plan for immigration reform. but could be on a collision course with congress. >> still ahead, we'll sit down with our team of political experts and find out some of the reasons why. >> plus, the most extensive and complicated arm transplant surgery in history. more from the war hero who received a new grasp on life. grasp on life. >> but first, media day at the super dome. dave ross joins us live with reaction from ray lewis. >> as we head to the break, here's another live look outside of that accident. the latest weather from tucker. traffic from julie in just a moments. 10 minutes after 7:00. we'll be right back. some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will.
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welcome back. wall street is inching toward an economic milestone. the dow jones is closing in on the 14,000 mark. yesterday it closed up 73 points at 13,954. >> blackberry is about to debut a make over. maker research emotion will unveil the blackberry 10. promises a faster device, superb typing experience and personal identity separate on the same phone. good luck. >> a superb typing experience. >> didn't know it could be better than it was. >> welcome back mr. barns. >> they could use improvement. my fingers are an issue. >> it's not going to be the keys. going to be more like an iphone. that's a superb typing experience. not having keys. >> i know people have issues with that too.
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>> i did at first. you get used to it. >> i'll tell you what's going to happen with weather. very warm day. 69 at reagan national. i don't think we hit a record. record was 77. upper 60s to 70 . one more warm day. this is the last of it on our 7 day forecast. let's start with a look at the national map. notice that warm air just pushing up into the midatlantic. 61 in washington. 67 in atlanta. lots of cold air. chicago is falling back into the 30s and into the single digits into minnesota and wisconsin. and in between obviously when you have that kind of temperature gradient you have a front. very strong one at this hour pushing into eastern tennessee, kentucky. tornado warnings flying all night here down into alabama and now into kentucky. that front will continue to march east here during the day. lots of clouds for us.
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it's going to be unseasonably warm. windy out of the south. and then rain will get in here probably 5 or 6:00 for our western viewers. and for the rest of us, 7 or 8:00 tonight. maybe an inch or two inches of rain. to give you a sense of how much rain that is, for the entire month of january we've picked up an inch and a quarter. we can do a whole month total here later today. 70 today. 45 tomorrow. blustery and cool behind the front. snow showers early friday morning. and it will feel like february as we turn the page to our next month early next week. >> 70 degrees. wow. can't believe i'm seeing that. >> 25 degree difference between today and tomorrow. jets go to julie and find out what's happening on the roads. >> 70 degrees. i want to carry it with me in my coach bag when
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i come to work. >> you have a coach bag? >> tony. here we are on the inner loop of the beltway, this is where fire truck collided shortly before 3:00 a.m. just south of 50. clean up continues right now. there's been sand spread out on the roadway. we had large chunks of concrete. coming southbound out of greenbelt, traffic gets by using the two right lanes only. delays are before 450. the outer loop of the beltway, the left lane remains closed and you are in a back up from 214. major tie ups on the east side of town. sky fox was live above the scene. southbound on the baltimore washington parkway. now that's troubled with the wreck before you reach 450. only the left lane gets by. southbound 95 gridlocked traffic from 212 out towards the exit for the beltway. still finding delays on 66 out of manassas.
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fair oaks to 112 and again at the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> in today's sports breakfast, a media circus at the super dome and steroids scandal hits close to home. >> dave ross is here with the details. >> normally like to talk about caps hockey and then you get these stories here we go again. sadly, this is the state of sports and this is what we have to talk about. >> you need a chemistry degree to do sports now. >> between the knees and the peds. that's the bizarre one. the superbowl circus down at media day. this is supposed to be the last day for these guys to get loose and have fun. here we go with the story sports illustrated is breaking. it's sports with alternatives to steroids. their company owner said that ray lewis got in
7:19 am
contact with him and tore his tricept to get back faster. and there's a deer antler spray which contains a substance which is illegal as a ped. ray lewis sounded off about this yesterday. >> to even mention his name or his antics in my speeches or my moment, i can't do it. so i won't even speak about it. i've been in this business 17 years and nobody has ever got up with me every morning and trained with me. every test i've ever took en, there's never been a question if i've ever even thought about using anything. so to even entertain stupidity like that, tell him to get his story off somebody else. >> to be fair to ray, he is right. he has passed every drug test taken. the timing seems
7:20 am
interesting. he's retiring in five days essentially. that's how you get bang for the buck. geo gonzalez, the other big story. this came out yesterday. late morning yesterday. it's a surprise. down in miami they have a clinic called biogenesis. the head of that clinic is anthony boss. he has handwritten notes of major legalers who used peds under him. this comes as a big surprise to us up here. and this is basically a mix up. they said it's geo's dad max. this is what geo said yesterday. i've never used performance enhancing drugs of any kind and i've never will. anything said to the contrary is a lie. and the nationals have also said
7:21 am
they are looking into this matter as well. >> in the case of both gio and ray, they are getting definitive statements of them. >> you always want to give the athlete the benefit of the doubt. you just really have to wait and see. you don't know what to believe any more. sadly. >> all right, dave. thanks. >> it is now 7:21 on this wednesday morning. coming up next, how medical science helped rebuild the life of one of the nation's best and bravest. >> received a double armed transplant after losing all four limbs in iraq. >> and later, a little piece of heaven in dc. we're going to check in with holly who is getting a look at the heavenly jade of the maya. we'll be right back. 
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we have some important news for anyone trying to drop a few pounds. apparently losing weight
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may not just be about what you eat but when you eat it. people who ate a big lunch later in the day lose less weight than those who ate earlier. people taking part in a 20 week program. at the end of it the people who ate lunch before 3:00 lost 25% more weight than those who ate later. and a new lease on life for one wounded warrior from new york. >> the soldier lost all four limbs in explosion in iraq four years ago. now brand an is recovering from a double arm transplant. 16 doctors worked hours to connect his new arms. brendan has a tough road ahead of him but he is ready for the challenge. >> i just want to get the most out of these arms. and as goals come up, knock them down. and just take it as absolutely far as i can. >> i suspect he will be using
7:26 am
his hands for just about everything as soon as we let him to start trying doing more and more. >> he will spend 6 hours a day in physical therapy as part of his recovery. >> what a spirit he has. it's amazing. >> couldn't wait to get back to driving his kafrment he was glad to be able to move on with this. >> still ahead, president obama called to action. we're going to take a closer look at immigration reform. and the hurdles it faces moving forward. >> riding a record wave. we'll show you picture s of the 10 story wall of water and the man brave enough to surf it. >> we're going to get the latest weather and traffic from tucker and julie coming up next. 7:26. we'll be right back. 
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welcome back. a surfer in portugal has ridden a giant mountain of water to brave new heights. >> check this out. the tiny speck, i don't know if you can see it is actually hawaiian surfing legend. he's hanging 10 on a wave off the coast of portugal. on monday this happened. the wave was at least
7:30 am
100 feet high which would break his previous record by about 10 feet. is that him down there on the right? barely see him. >> there are a couple storms out at sea producing massive waves. that's incredible. >> from the water to the sky. right now the smog in parts of china, particularly beijing is so bad, authorities have had to ground planes and shut down highways. the u.s. embassy calls conditions beyond index. the air quality is so poor it's dangerous to people's health. people don't go outside without masks and being told not to exert any energy outside. don't exercise, don't run, don't bike. >> you can see them covering their mouth. >> you don't want to go outside at all. >> years of unregulated business practices. factories spewing stuff into the air.
7:31 am
>> and meteorologist gee, the air doesn't get mixed up. stagnates. >> we don't have issues of that today. >> you are right. with winds blowing out of the south, we're mixing our atmosphere up a whole lot. let's get to the numbers. if you loved yesterday , many people did, i know julie wright did. >> who didn't? >> there is people still waiting for winter weather. >> when it's this, you can't. >> should we solicit people on facebook to find the one person who doesn't. >> who doesn't like this weather? >> 69 at reagan national. 70 at dulles. bwi 66. upper 60s to about 70. enjoy it. not going to be a beautiful looking day. with temperatures again 25 degrees above normal. 61 in washington. here's what's been happening, a little front. same front yesterday hanging up right
7:32 am
across the region here. and you can really see it in temperatures. just south of west and town and check out manassas 63. 65 fredericksburg. 64 in culpeper. 20 plus degrees warmer here. all right. temperatures will be in the upper 60s to 70. winds are going to pick up out of the south. winds gusting to 16 in leonard town. most of the region will see winds gusting to 30. do be ready for a blustery day. winds out of the south will be warm breeze. very windy here as the front approaches. that will get pushed north. lots of clouds in the forecast and the rain moves in later this afternoon. could be heavy tonight. a potential for an inch or two inches of rain later this evening. 70 today. cloudy warm and windy . late rain likely. it will get in here for
7:33 am
our western viewers just in time for the viewer. 8 or 9:00 tonight. rain heavy at times. could be a thunder storm as well. here's your cool air. daytime high only 45 degrees. couple possibilities of snow showers in the forecast. early friday morning could do a light snowy situation. and saturday night. these will be small storms. okay. that's a look at weather. let's do traffic. >> yeah, we started this morning off on a sad note with a fire truck, tractor trailer and suv all collided shortly before 3:00 a.m. here's the roll back. there's the fire truck involve d in this crash now up on the roll back. the tractor trailer is still overturned over that wall. a lot of absorbant has been spread. and look at the damage. we heard from authority ies the front part of the cab has been
7:34 am
disseminated. traffic wise, not much has changed headed toward the scene gets by. the outer loop of the beltway. traffic starting to slow. thanks for hitting me up on that update. major tie ups on both loops of the beltway to and from landover. let's continue with the maps here. southbound on the baltimore washington parkway which was one of your options. only the left lanes get by. quick peak in virginia. let's pull up that camera. inner loop of the beltway eisenhower avenue, two left lanes are blocked. vdot is picking up the cones now. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> all right. thanks. president obama says the nation has issued a call to action for congress to tackle the issue of immigration reform. praised leaders for coming up with a framework. but there's a lot to
7:35 am
do before meaningful changes can be achieved here. for more on that topic, we turn to our team after experts peter fenn and while jim is away we welcome back phillip stuts. one of the thing we want to start off is the issue of sequestration. we have bigger fish to fry. is that how things are ending up? >> well, you just talked about immigration. this is the biggest issue of the day for our country. so i'm a republican, but i'm disappointed that we're punting the ball down the field. disappointed in president obama that he's punting the ball down the field for a long time. i don't understand why they can't figure this thing out. seems to
7:36 am
be consistent with what congress seem to be able to do. >> what happens if you don't go with sequestration is you have to make the tough decisions and that compromises a hard thing to do in a month. and initially the republicans were crying oh, my god defense. we can't get defense. >> it's surprising now. >> exactly. now, a lot of folks are saying look maybe it's going to be easier to do this, let it go, move on to the other big issues and try to put together more of a plan as you move down. but you got to bring some of the spending down. but you also have to deal as phillip was talking about, deal with the taxes. you've got to have tax reform in this country. that's probably the next step. >> it's easier to push the ball down the field. that's what we always do which is a shame.
7:37 am
>> does it have to do with they don't think this is going to have a financial impact or financial markets? >> that's right. housing is moving. the stock market is at an all time high now. people are feeling better. what they think this might do is give stability to some of this. we'll see. >> could impact other people locally. big issue here locally. obviously, immigration as well. something we've talked about. this is one of his big issues domestically. how delicate is this senate compromise they are talking about? how delicate is that? we've seen what happened with the fiscal cliff dealings and things come to a stand off. do we think we can get something done? >> it's delicate. but it's also encouraging. we have four democrats and four republicans who have come together. we have to deal with this right now. four years after not doing
7:38 am
anything. but i agree. the key can be will be the guest worker program. it's the green card and where people come in line and then the boarder security. the guest worker program is the most interesting part of where this thing may teter. 6 years ago when president bush introduced this stuff, senator obama at the time was against the guest worker program. so it will be interesting to see how that plays in this whole negotiation. >> one of the things it's starting to happen with this is boarder security is working. we have had an 80% drop of the number of people come into the united states. there's a pathway there with the drones. so i think republicans are going to still push harder on that. i think that's moving in the right direction. secondly, what is going to happen is there is going to be this path to citizenship which is the number
7:39 am
one thing. and i think, look, you had john mccain who helped sponsor the bill in 2007 the congress wouldn't pass, the republicans wouldn't go for. then in 2010 john mccain was talking about in front of the fence cause he was so scared of the other side. now you have an election, he's back again. politics matters. you've got folks who said look, we've figured it out. 87 of the electorate was white. this last time, 72%. inevitable. if the republicans, let me just say this. if the republicans start to fool around with side issues, they are dead meat. this is a disaster for the republicans. >> the key now is to the house. will president obama blow the whole thing up or the senate 8, go in, work with the house and
7:40 am
compromise. i think it will happen in the house. i really do. does president bush want to pass a bill or play politics and blowout the republicans? >> you are still with bush. >> obama. >> to your point he wants it quickly. this is a big part of his legacy. >> let's move on real quick. one minute left. gun control is the committee hearing house on the hill today. nra is going to be there. also mark kelly, gabby give order's husband is going to be there. >> the law enforcement issue is not being addressed. 35% less convictions on guns since the bush administration. here i'm back on bush. and also 76,000 people last year were denied on
7:41 am
background checks denied guns. 62 referred for prosecution. they have a point. more laws is that going to cover this thing? and frankly, we're not addressing the mental issues of this. we're putting up the ban date without any adhesive by creating more laws. >> look, it's always difficult to pass gun control laws in congress in the united states. >> even after what happened in connecticut. >> but i think there's a possibility you get more on the background check side. gun shows, that's the biggest freaking loophole. got to solve that problem. seems to me, who needs 20 bullet magazines to shoot a deer? sorry. don't think so. >> we will not solve all the problems here. but hopefully congress and the president can get something done. thanks so much for coming in. we'll be right back after the break.
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talkers of the day start
7:45 am
with superbowl scandal. >> baltimore raven's cheerleader says she was left off the squad in retaliation. courtney lens who has been on the squad five years says she was denied to go because she announced she was retiring at the end of the season. there's a petition campaign to get courtney to the big easy. it has 1500 signatures this morning. >> no official response to the ravens right now. is that all there is to it? just because she announced she was retiring. >> doesn't seem to make sense to me. i don't know. >> all right. >> weather-wise, we're going to be in for a warm day. going to feel like norms around here highs in the 60s and 70s. >> curious to what the temperature will be in new orleans. >> they are in for a cool down. most of the country cooling down here the next couple days. 65 in fredericksburg. and 64 in
7:46 am
culpeper. most of us today, upper 60s to 70. even places like baltimore. 41 in baltimore. and 65 in fredericksburg. here's your future cast. watch what happens. clouds today. maybe a couple light sprinkles or showers and the main front gets in here tonight. if you are a viewer out to the west, you may see the rain showers in time for that evening rush hour. you can see we'll be dealing with a potential for good rain. maybe heavy rain and thunder storms. future cast indicating heavy rain. looking at the potential for one to two inches of rain before we get it out of here by 8:00 tomorrow back in the sunshine. only about 45. much colder air on the way. snow showers around here early friday and temperatures kind of balance out here just about where they should be for early february. >> i don't want to put you on the spot but i heard this
7:47 am
question raised on the radio. looking at that line of thunder storms hanging together, any chance of a deracho type event in. >> no. that's a different animal. >> that's like a dirty road now. scary. all right. thanks thanks, tucker. >> let's go to julie wright. find out what's going on in traffic. >> i'm only standing here. wow. all right, guys. this is the big story this morning. this is the fire truck, tractor trailer and the suv that collided. the fire truck up on the roll back. unfortunately the tractor trailer still overturned. the cab heavily damaged. but again, stay to the left. both north and southbound 95 trying to get through landover. southbound traffic slowing from the bw parkway. quick peak in virginia and show you what's happening
7:48 am
here. accident activity. and that's what was tying up to the left side of the roadway. the left lane still blocked. outer loop lanes are open. 66 eastbound you're tied up leaving 123 to the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> thank you, julie wright. 748 now. coming up next. gems and jewelry on display for the first time ever. >> reporter: had to come check it out right? we are actually learning about mayan civilization. it is evident by this exhibit where we are live this morning. it's heavenly jade of the maya. why you need to come out and see it yourself live next on fox 5 morning news. stay with us.
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hello. time for our facebook fan of the day. we say hello to iyana norman. she's styling and posing for us. she wakes up to fox 5 and falls asleep to us as well. love your picture too. thanks for making us your alarm clock. post a comment below ayana's picture. still ahead in our next hour, back by popular demand. steve noviella joins us live. >> and later a former disney star sits down with us to talk about his new real life roll as a gay right's advocate. the man behind the new documentary out in the open. 7:52. we'll be right back .
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i never knew he liked me. we'd have to keep it quiet. or we could just tell h.r. happy valentine's day. it would never work. try the new brownie batter donut. get any six donuts for $3.99. america runs on dunkin'. all right. we now know that the date that some booms day preppers marked the end of the
7:56 am
world was the end of the mayan calendar cycle. we're getting a look at heavenly jade of the maya. >> this is jade jewelry and other archeological finds. holly morris has more from northwest on this. good morning. fascinating stuff. >> reporter: it really is. this is an exhibit but really it's an opportunity for you to come and see fascinating stuff. when you talk about the mayan civilization, one of the great ancient civilizations of the world and we're still learning about it today. dr. christina nelson is the co-founder. good morning to you. >> thanks so much. >> this is an opportunity. this exhibit. >> it is a wonderful opportunity to come and learn about some of the new discoveries. we have a piece here that is actually newly excavated a number of years ago. it dates to 800 bc. >> 800 bc and just found a
7:57 am
couple years ago. >> it's a beautiful example of an early portrait of the maya by the maya. very interesting details the maya valued and idealized. as slightly deformed head for cranial deformation. slightly crossed eyes and general appearances is uniquely maya. >> amazingly old things here. and new discoveries. but also amazing visual things to see here. >> yes. we wanted to bring from the later flourishing beautiful compliments. and this set of figure renos are extraordinary. and unique in the naya world. they show a court scene. kings and queens and gestures and they are all playing a part in a very
7:58 am
important ritual that took place around 600 ad in a royal palace in a city called waka. >> what is the connection and the importance of jade to the mayan civilization? >> that's a great question. jade really had a foundational aspect to the maya. jade symbolized fertility, life itself. it was part of their creation. and most precious jewel the ancient maya had. >> some of it has never been on display. >> why here? now? >> well, we wanted to have this wonderful collaboration with the bank to celebrate the december ending that happened in december of 2012. this is a wonderful opportunity to do that and show people some of the latest work that's been going on. >> is it not amazing it's such
7:59 am
an old civilization? but one of those things that ever how much we don't know or we find out, we realize how much we don't know. there's still so much to learn. >> that's right. always more to learn and wonderful archeological projects going on that are really helping fill out this story. and continue to provide us with all sorts of unexpected and really wonderful insights into the maya path. >> one thing you shouldn't miss if you come to this exhibit? >> one thing are really very exquisite pieces of jade. >> hold on right there. we're going to show you those pieces in our next hour. is our web site. we have a link to theirs. the heavenly jade of the maya runs through february 15th. only a couple more weeks to come out and enjoy. we're going to enjoy in our next hour. fox 5 morning news at 8:00 starts right now. >> this is fox 5 morning news.
8:00 am
>> right now at 8:00, morning commute mess. an accident five hours ago involving a fire truck and big rig has held up traffic for hours. you can see the fire truck getting up on the tow. we're going to get the latest live from the scene. >> started telling him he needed a kid because the law coming after him. and then he shot the bus driver. >> a child is kidnapped from a school bus. the stand off continues this hour with a suspect in alabama. how it all unfolded and where the child is being held right now. >> coming out. a disney star debuts a documentary about being gay. matthew smith will join us live to talk about his star studded project out in the open. good morning i'm tony perkins. >> and i'm wisdom martin sitting in for allison seymour. we are enjoying a spring fling after a couple days of frigid temperatures.. >> tucker barnes is here to shed some light on all of that.
8:01 am
going to be an interesting weather day today. >> one of those active days. starting off nice and warm for the area and a nice warm day and eventually rain and wind and potentially thunder storms we'll start with numbers. one of the fronts dealing with hanging across the area. dulles is 63. not too far to the east, bwi marhsall is 43. temperatures all over the place. the further south and west the warmer your temperatures to start your day. looking at satellite radar, front on the march to the west. this has a history of delivering severe weather. overnight tornado warnings for parts of tennessee and parts of kentucky. we're not expecting tornadoes here but we are expecting heavy rain this afternoon and one to two inches of rain.
8:02 am
and the potential for thunder storms and gusty winds if those can hold together here. up ahead of that front today, very windy and because of that wind advisory for parts of the area east of the bay and then the brown you see west, those ridge lines, could gust to 50 miles per hour today. let me mention the counties in green. that's a flood watch. all right. temperatures later today will be falling into the low 60s and the rain arrives late this afternoon. enjoy high of near 70. >> at this hour crews remain on the scene on a crash on the beltway that has caused traffic headaches for several hours now. and the headaches are expected to continue. >> melanie alnwick has been at the scene all morning and live this morning with the latest on the situation there. good morning, melanie. >> reporter: good morning. we do have an update for you on some of the conditions.
8:03 am
we're told three of the firefighters have been upgraded and that they will be released later today. however, one does remain in critical condition. at last we were told he or she was still under going surgery in baltimore. the other people, two in the suv and one in the tractor trailer were taken to medstar. serious but not life threatening injuries. no information as to whether they have been upgraded so far. that is the situation as far as the injuries go. 7 people in all involved in this accident. you can see behind me here that it's going to be slow going. they are trying to get the engine on to the flat bad. if you can see in between, you may be able to make out the wheels of the tractor trailer. still flipped over on its side. right now we have three lanes open on the
8:04 am
outer loop. two lanes on the inner loop. it's still going to be a couple hours before we're able to get all of the lanes here open. let's go to video from earlier this morning where you can see what the scene was when crews first arrived here. what was going on was that 2:45 in the morning engine 858 was returning to the station after responding to an earlier call. it was traveling along the inner loop of the beltway when it was struck from behind by that tractor trailer. both of those massive vehicles flipped. one of them landing over on the outer loop of the beltway and collided with an suv traveling on the outer loop of the beltway. one of the other problems that's going to come here is now you have volunteer fire department without one of its engines. we're told it's worth between 500 and $600,000.
8:05 am
at this point the fire chief says they are working to see what they can do. means they have to make sure service in this area is not impacted. traffic here is going to be impacted for quite sometime. back to you. >> quite the mess. thank you very much. >> julie wright has got more information on how to navigate around the traffic. >> on time traffic brought to you by toyota. >> i love when they fight over who is tossing to me. all right. keeping things in perspective. piggy backing on what melanie told you crash is south of 50. big delays on the inner loop from 450 and outer loop traffic slowing back near arena drive down to five miles an hour. trying to work your way around the scene. we were suggesting 295 but that too had problems. the accident before 450 finally cleared.
8:06 am
outer loop at coalsville road. let's go live to our cameras. the inner loop of the beltway approaching eisenhower avenue. that's what's tying up your commute headed over towards van dorn street. i 95, not too busy in woodbridge. 395 delays continue from the beltway out towards duke street over the inbound 14th street bridge. that's where we have reports of a stalled vehicle. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> developing situation out of alabama this morning. police are trying to negotiate with an elderly man who shot a school bus driver and snatched a 6 year old student. police say it all began yesterday afternoon when the man boarded the bus, shot the driver multiple times and took the young boy. the bus driver later died. the rest of the children sought safety
8:07 am
inside a neighbor's home until help arrived. the man is now believe to be holding the boy hostage in a bomb shelter. >> the sheriff's department has confirmed one adult male was shot and the suspect is not in custody. >> police have made contact with the boy who they say is all right but the stand off continues. this is happening in alabama. >> another big story. a jury will reconvene to come up with a sentence for a police officer who shot and killed an unarmed woman. daniel wright was convicted on three counts including voluntary manslaughter. he responded to a call about a suspicious person in a parking lot last february. he says they argued then she rolled up the window and tried to drive away. he shot at her 7
8:08 am
times striking her five times. he is facing up to 25 years in prison. >> another verdict in a high profile case. found john leopold guilty of two counts of misconduct. using taxpayer money to have detail put up campaign signs, collect contributions and empty his urinary catheter bag several times a day. he has been suspended from his job. hold a public hearing and vote on a bill to remove him from office on monday. >> massachusetts senator john kerry is the next secretary of state of the united states after the full senate overwhelmingly confirmed him. choice to head the state department was approved 94-3. kerry is expected to give a fair well speech. hillary clinton's last day on the job is friday.
8:09 am
also another member of the president's cabinet is heading for the door. transportation secretary ray lahood was the only republican left in the president's candidate. considers former republican chuck hagel to be the next defense secretary. >> the current secretary of state is downplaying calls for her to run for president in 2016. hillary clinton is casting doubt on a presidential run just days after a super pack was formed to back her. in several interviews she says she is not getting back into politics. in 2008 she lost to president obama in a bitter democrat primary campaign. maryland governor martin -- submit questions to the governor and other members of the administration. they can use twitter, facebook and the maryland government web site. we have the information and links on
8:10 am
>> it is now 8:09 on this wednesday morning. still ahead. banned from a superbowl . a ravens cheerleader misses out on new orleans. or will she? >> find out why this red skin's fan is sulking. dave ross explains in your sporlts breakfast. 8:10. we'll be back.  [ dylan ] this is one way to keep your underwear clean.
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severe thunder storms sweeped through several states spawning tornadoes. mississippi, arkansas and missouri all suffered minor damage from the winds and heavy rains. the powerful weather front to blame is expected to weaken today but could pack dangerous weather conditions for the southeast. >> a lot going on in the weather department. >> yes, indeed. let's go to tucker now for a look at weather and more. >> yeah , let's get down to business. cuteness factor of the day. we got it right here, everybody. all right. so here's the thinking
8:14 am
. not necessarily my line of thinking. it's never too early to put the kids to work; right? >> yeah. >> why wait until they are 2 or 3 when you can put them to work at 17 months old. this is 17 month old jackson, everybody, helping shovel the driveway after the recent snow around here. >> he probably wanted to help. saw dad or mom doing it. >> that's what i told me son. >> in addition to his shovel and his jacket and scarf and hat, he had to bring his pacifier out to go to work as well. all ready to work. >> that's a great shot. >> super cute. get started early. >> i'm all about it. >> to send us your child's picture go to and click on mornings. jackson, big thanks to you and your family for sending in the picture. we love it and keep up the hard
8:15 am
work. maybe we'll get a chance to shovel more snow. not today with temperatures expected to be near 70. let's start with radar. cloud cover out there. but eventually rain and could be heavy rain. timing on this one will be generally during the evening hours. some of our viewers might see it by late this afternoon as the front continues. it's had a history of creating severe weather including tornado warnings early this morning. very gusty winds with this front. up ahead of the front, winds will be out of the south. our temperatures will top out near 70. winds potentially gusting to 30 or 40 or 50 miles per hour along the ridge lines out to the west. temperatures at reagan national, 55 degrees. highs near 70 here. cooler to the north and west. chicago is 36. and that colder air will start to filter in
8:16 am
later tonight. after daytime highs near 70, temperatures much closer to normal for the remainder of the 7 day. here are your current winds. currently out of the south at 15. very blustery day. rain gets in here tonight . one to two inches of rain. potentially heavy rain later this evening. 45 maybe snow showers friday morning. a few more saturday night and temperatures right about where they should be to start february. that's weather. let's do traffic. julie wright has just arrived with a smile on her face. >> i've been heard. i heard about the wind conditions and whatever else you talk about. inner loop of the beltway south of 50 this morning's accident still under investigation with only the two right lanes getting by. outer loop three right lanes are open. very much a slow go. average speed downs an hour. the crash we had before 450 finally cleared. let's go live to our cameras and show you
8:17 am
what else is happening out here. southbound 270. heavy volume out of german town out towards 270. 395 coming across the 14th street bridge, heavy volume leaving the beltway. pentagon crossing over the potomic. vdot said they cleared from the center of the roadway. gw parkway at the first scene checking for accident there. the crash finally pulled over to the shoulder. all lanes are open towards the springfield inter change. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> thank you, julie. in today's sports breakfast, the media takes over the super dome. plus a red skin's fan gets teary eyed. >> dave ross is here to explain. >> when we were looking at my first 5 photo, makes me thinks what goes on in the wisdom martin household. they got his
8:18 am
suit ready, making breakfast and when they leave, oh, p hew. >> that doesn't happen during the week. >> we were hoping the caps would get work done. good win on sunday. trying to make it two in a row. i know wisdom was sound asleep by 8:00. in the first period, it looked great for washington against ottowa. our boys got on the board first. going to find troy bower right there. looks even better when our guy maddie hendrix is going to step in front and redirect the shot. 2-0 caps. we can go to bed. got a w. going to crash into the net. nobody was hurt. and no penalties was called but tied up at 2. with
8:19 am
the game winner right there. it's early but one win. more ws on the board. now, again, got to get back to the ped stories and superbowl stories. first we'll start with gio gonzalez. what happened down in the miami clinic there had been handwritten notes which had major leaguer's names on it. he had ped performance enhancing drugs. he has never even contacting this gentleman and it was his dad max who talked to the doctor about losing weight. we'll see if this gets cleared up. but he said on twitter he has nothing to do with this and anything other than that is a lie. speaking of, the deer
8:20 am
antler spray story that won't go away. ray lewis, we thought it would be fun and games and see ray cry ten times. he was answering questions about the sports illustrated report that said he asked a doctor to basically help heal his ruptured tricep. i don't have muscles so i wouldn't know. he denies. take a listen from ray. >> to even mention his name or his antics in my speeches or my moment, i can't do it. so i won't even speak about it. i've been in this business 17 years and nobody has ever got up with me every morning and trained with me. every test i've ever took in the nfl, there's never been a question if i've ever even thought about using anything. so to even entertain
8:21 am
stupidity like that, tell him to get his story off somebody else. >> we shall see. he has tested clean so far. finally, a young red skin's fan, very upset that his team will not be vying for the superbowl this weekend. take a listen. >> they didn't make it to the superbowl. but they may make it next year. but you have to wait. you have to wait for the football season to start again. >> that is a very sad five year old. his aunt says he is a die hard red skin's fan and sent this video to my first 5. i think tony did too. we were all hoping. so erin, just wait one more year. hopefully they'll have many years to get there. >> if it happens next year, it's just a drive up 95. >> and turn those frowns upside down. >> don't give up hope. >> stop working those kids so hard.
8:22 am
>> thank you, dave. coming up, the district is in the green with millions of surplus money in the bank. the mayor reveals plan for unexpected dough. >> discovering hidden treasures. it is now 8:21. we'll be right back . [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. i just finished a bowl of your light chicken pot pie soup and it was so rich and creamy... is it really 100 calories? let me put you on webcan... lean roasted chicken... and a creamy broth mmm i can still see you. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. of green giant vegetables it's easy to eat like a giant... ♪ and feel like a green giant. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant
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8:25 am
dc has more than $1 billion saved in a bank all thanks to a $400 million surplus. taxpayers shouldn't expect to see that money. stay in the city's savings account. the extra money was raised through speed camera fines. corporate taxes and one highest state tax. many disagree with the decision saying some should go with helping lower city taxes and funding the district's school services. >> will be expanded for the first time since it opened 42 years ago. the $100 million edition includes public spaces, pavilions. memorial gardens, floating stage for outdoor performances and an outdoor video wall for, simulcast.
8:26 am
the chairman is giving a $50 million donation. >> you may be able to drive faster on the inter county connector if state law makers get their way. considering a bill raising the speed limit from 55 to 60 or 70 miles per hour. many complain the icc are too low, fines are too high. >> 8:26. 55 degrees. still ahead, managing your budget. fox consumer reporter will join us live to show us how everyone can cut back a little. >> plus a new journey begins for a wounded warrior. surgery performed in our area that made it possible. ♪ i'd like to thank eating right, whole grain, multigrain cheerios! my bowl, my spoons! mom, are those my jeans? [ female announcer ] people who choose more whole grain tend to weigh less than those who don't.
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8:29 am
welcome back to fox 5 morning news. this is a live look outside right now. everything's calm and peaceful right now. oh, things are going to change.
8:30 am
>> the upside is temperatures near 70 again today. no complaining there. it will be cloudy. and rain could be heavy at times. dealing with maybe a thunder storm later. that would be the worst of it. no winter weather in this forecast. >> it is wintertime though. >> we'll enjoy the couple days. >> it is january but feels like late april. let's do temperatures and start with what we have going on here. this has been fascinating to watch. we've had this front hanging out just north of washington all morning. when i say just north i mean just north. you can see that reflected in your temperatures. check outp annapolis, 45. you get south and west and well into the 60s. 63 in manassas. what's going to happen , this front is going to get pushed to the north. all of us well into the 60s today and a few of us into
8:31 am
the city top out about 70. i don't think we'll hit record highs but temperatures in the upper 60s to 70. it will be windy. lots of wind out to the south and a front arrives late this afternoon and tonight. if you are watching in west virginia or western maryland, you'll get it first, of course. and it will arrive for you late this afternoon. 7 or 8 or 9:00 tonight, start to get rain in here. could be the potential for heavy down pours and thunder storms. gusty winds mixing in as well. behind the front, cooler air, that will arrive late tonight and tomorrow. and right back into the high temperatures only in the 40s. future cast put it in motion. a few showers later this afternoon and 9:00 tonight, the main event is just to our west. that's rolling through here by the midnight hour. future cast indicating that heavy rain. that's potential for thunder storms as that line moves on through. by tomorrow morning, just in time for the morning
8:32 am
commute, should clear things out. breezy and much cooler by tomorrow afternoon. there's your 7 day forecast. let me mention that potential for snow early friday morning. and then again on saturday night. the patterns gets more winter like after today. today one more day with 70 degrees. >> all right. thank you very much. you said you were sick of not having a plan to manage your money. he said he could help. thousands of fox viewer s signed on to steve's spending plan. and there are new lessons to pass along. steve is live in dallas with an update. good morning to you. i love the fact so many people already involved in this. how are folks doing? >> you know, they are doing pretty great. i'm overwhelmed by the response we've had. at the end of the day folks need a plan to manage their money. everyone's now got that first paycheck of the year and it's less than they are used to. now
8:33 am
is the time to take action. the best way to do it is pass along the lessons imbedded. folks seem to be having difficulty figuring out exactly where all of their money is going. the easy stuff the mortgage or rent or gas or electric, that's the stuff that's easy to remember. it's the small stuff that's sneaking up on them like haircuts and feeding the dog or bringing it to the vet or having a long-term savings program for things like holiday spending. that's the kind of stuff you have to get honest about. it will add up quickly. a quick side note and i hate to mention it. 46 weeks until christmas. all it takes is $11 a week and you will have $500 in cash for your holiday spending but only if you get honest and started to. >> this is great. i love this. do people seem to be turned off by the idea of having to stick to a budget? >> you know, they do. i feel like people think the idea of a
8:34 am
budget is an oppressive thing. this should be something that empowers you. let's call it a spending plan. i want to show you something here. this is my box of meals for the day. i pack it everyday before i come to work. and guess what i never have to worry about? what's for lunch. same thing with your money. if you have a plan in place before it's time to spend it, you will never have to worry about where it goes again. this idea of a spending plan is meant to make you stop worrying about money. >> that's quite the lunch bag. how many hours are you away from home? >> i've got 6 meals in here. trust me. it's a long day. >> it is a long day. what is the one take away mistake to avoid? >> all right. here we go. people are too rigid with their spending plan. look, give yourself some flexibility here.
8:35 am
just like things with diet. sugar and cashes and candy all in the first week, then guess what? week you are up to your elbows in peanut buttercups. do the same with your spending plan. maybe this month you spend less on shopping because next month you have an an verse ree coming up. so allow yourself to let that spending plan be something that evolves overtime. as long as you keep those long-term savings goals in mind, you will have success. and the best way to have that success is to not go it alone. log on to my facebook fan page and become part of the consumer community and learn from each other as we make this the year we stop worrying about money. steve helping us out. >> good to see you. >> good to see you. >> a new lease on life for one wounded warrior from new york. the soldier lost all four of his
8:36 am
limbs in explosion in iraq four years ago. but now brendan is recovering from a double arm transplant. the surgery took place 6 weeks ago. 16 doctors worked hours to connect his new arms. he recalls the first time he was able to move his arms. >> i was sitting there by friends and did it by accident. one of my friends was freaking out. he was like did you do that on purpose? no, i didn't know i was doing it. >> he will spend 6 hours a day in physical therapy as part of the on going recovery. >> that is a remarkable young man. >> it's an amazing story that technology has coming this far. hopefully it will evolve. >> coming up. benched from the superbowl. why a veteran raven's cheerleader is apparently barred from the
8:37 am
superbowl sidelines. >> superbowl ads are rolling out. a sneak peak of go daddy commercial. it is now 8:36. we'll be back. get the car. hi howard. get in. hi, good to see you. start with an actual written offer when selling your car, no strings attached. carmax. start here.
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8:40 am
douglas is donating personal items to the smithsonian museum. virginia native will give the museum wrist tape she used to grab the bars when she did her thing at the games. her olympic credentials as well as personal photos and the leotard she wore. since it won't open until 2015, the items will go on display at the american history museum. as the ravens get ready to face off in this year's superbowl. one team veteran who won't be in new orleans. raven's cheerleader has been on the cheer squad for five years but did not receive an invitation to the big game. she believes it's in retaliation to
8:41 am
announce to retire. fans have launched an online petition to send her to the superbowl. >> the superbowl doesn't kick off until sunday afternoon but the blitz of tv advertising is well underway. here's a look at one of the ads. this one from >> when you ever going to put your idea online? >> relax. it's not like anyone else is going to have the exact same. >> how you know know one else? >> because they haven't, kelly. >> it's totally original. >> really? >> really? >> a new consumer study estimates more than half of americans will rewatch the commercials while 40% will share their favorite ad through facebook. >> you know what's interesting about that, when i think, i don't think of that. i think of the other stuff. >> it is now 8:41. still ahead. for
8:42 am
years, he hid his life as a gay man for fear of losing out on acting jobs and now matthew smith is living his life open and debuting a myth busting documentary about being gay. >> plus, holly is taking us behind the mayan culture. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. i'm going to show you something i bet you've never seen before. this is a necklace made out of jaguar fangs. it is anarch logical find and it is on display. they do have a fascinated exhibit. we're going to show you some of those jade pieces. plus, why this exhibit is so important. it's all live next on fox 5 morning news. stay with us. [ male announcer ] pillsbury grands biscuits.
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8:45 am
welcome back. when he was a teen, actor matthew smith was known for his roles on wizards of waiverly place and jake and josh. he is an adult now and co star of the new documentary out in the open. matthew smith joins us now to talk about this documentary.
8:46 am
thank you for coming in. >> thank you for having us. >> we all have kids. we are very familiar with your show. that calms them down . let's talk about your documentary. out in the open. we have it right here. tell us what it's all about. >> i wanted to do something different. there's so many politically charged really depressing documentaries that make it seem like all gay people have aides or marching on rainbow feathers. it's just not true. i was at pride two years ago. and i remember thinking about all the younger people like we're so boring. everybody thinks we're so crazy and so boring. seems like a really simple concept but putting out there we're normal was very -- it's proving to be interesting. we sold out all the copies online. >> this is going to be available in three weeks in dc. >> yes, out in the open movie.
8:47 am
it's the first time a film is available on dvd and rental. for coming to terms with sexuality. i wanted it to be easier for them to get this. >> now, were you at any point afraid that this was going to affect your hollywood career? >> yeah, of course. it's funny. i came out to my family when i was 15. i moved to los angeles when i was 16 and had to go back in the closet. everyone around me said you are going to lose jobs if you come out. this is ten years ago. things are different now. but i got sick of the whole hiding thing. i wasn't connecting with people. >> there was a fear you would lose your teen fans because you were on a popular teen show. >> of course. the rumors are out there are true. hollywood is looking at the bottom line. and a lot of times they at least
8:48 am
in the past felt like that did not include having a gay person on television. >> interacting with selena go meso gomez. what was that like interacting with her? you gave her her first on screen kiss. >> yes. it's funny. she's amazing. we just talked about the film a few weeks ago. she's still a friend. she's really nice. it was great interacting with her. when i started working on the show, it was right before it hit the air. so she was still coming up. and there was so much buzz around her. at the time it was all miley. she's one of the nicest people i know and one of the best people i've worked with. >> in this documentary you are seen interacting with your boyfriend and your families. what is that like? describe what that's like.
8:49 am
>> my favorite part of the film is our families met on camera for the first time. and the only reason for that people think it was staged was unfortunate. he had a death in the family. his family had to come to la. and my producers put the crew on. it's nerve-racking. just like straight couples having your families meet. my life's a circus so they kind of were enjoying the comedic aspects of it. >> and you are talking about you flying all over the place coast to coast. so your life is a circus. what is the message you hope people will take away from this documentary once they see it? >> the first thing i want them to feel when they watch is it that it's okay. i keep calling it the first lgb t-phyl many for straight people. i open up on a playing ground. it's a funny movie. it's not some dark deep mysterious thing. if i've made fun of gay people in the past,
8:50 am
it's okay. if i've done something negative, it's okay. now i understand and i see they are pretty normal. >> do you think that you coming out has affected your hollywood career from the point you came out and made it public to where you are now? >> you know, i don't really think it's affected. which is a good thing. i didn't come out for publicity. i came out like two and a half years ago. you know, i just did a movie and have my own production company now. had it for three years. people are coming around having leading gay men. so i think i don't need it to help my career. but i want it to help the people out there who are struggling. >> always good to see you. i'll be watching your show. not cartoons. when i think kids i think cartoons. we know the shows. good to see you. >> you too. >> thank you for coming in. tony, back over to you . >> perhaps there will be a cartoon in the future.
8:51 am
we don't know. thank you both. what do we know about the myans? many of us associate them with the end of the world. but it's a culture that's rich beyond the calendar cycle. holly is learning more about mayan culture and giving us a look at heavenly jade of the maya. >> reporter: good morning to you, tony. this exhibit is a celebration of the maya people. the creators of one of the most ancient cultural traditions in worlds out there in the americas and there still is so much to learn about them. lucky for us dr. christina elson is helping us. last hour we were talking, what are some of the things you make sure you see? well, some of the jade. which makes sense. let's talk about a few of the pieces and jade in general. >> okay. i just wanted to point out two peegss that are very different. this is a much older
8:52 am
version called kawil which is a patron of royal dynasties. this might have been worn in a head dress. very interesting to look at the detail in this piece. the maya made these pieces of jade using rudement ree technology. and jade is one of the hardest stones in the new world. this is a very complicated piece. >> figuring out how they did it is one of the most fascinating things. there's a lot of wonderful things to see here. this exhibit is about jade conservation in general. >> that's right. the bank has been generous in supporting a conservation effort in guatemala. head dresses found
8:53 am
in royal tomb of the queen. 1600 pieces of jade and need to be put back together so this object can be displayed in the national museum. >> that's a long-term project. speaking of the bank , many of you might be going okay what does the idb have to do with all of this? chief of cultural solidarity and creativity of the office of external relations at the inner american development bank. i think all of that says you are really important. >> what's important is the work that we do. the inter american development we've been working in culture for 20 years with two objectives. one to provide financing in latin america and to disseminate the cultural richness. >> a lot of people may not realize this art gallery is here. and what an opportunity it is for them to come and see things. when i was reading what you wrote in the book, you said
8:54 am
this exhibit in particular is very important for the idb cultural center. why this exhibit? >> what we try to do is use culture to disseminate the banks work. and the indigenous communities are a very element of our work. we try to work with indigenous communities. so we use this exhibition not only to show case the heritage and historical richness but to demonstrate this institution has a permanent connection. >> because while we're talking about the ancient culture and maya people of the past, there is a maya people of the present. >> yes. almost 6 million people that come from a maya n origin. >> i'm going to ask you what's your favorite piece. >> the god corn in the corner. the 800 bc head , that's pretty
8:55 am
amazing. >> and the court of the mayan king. >> see how good we are? we started with that and expanding to even more. you are going to want to allow time to come out and enjoy heavenly jade of the maya. it's only here through february 15th. limited time left. come on out and make sure you take part. if you are really interested in a special experience, this coming tuesday, february 5th, they have a lecture that's going to go on here. show a documentary and a led tour of the exhibit. that's an experience you might want to find yourself involved in. back into the studio to tony and wisdom. >> thank you very much. >> still ahead at 9:00, he was the star on the hit show the west wing. >> he has a new role. he will join us live next hour. we're back after this . . a turkey-cheddar-bacon in the afternoon, or a tuna salad when the job is done,
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this is fox 5 morning news. >> massive accident on the beltway involving a prince georges county fire truck and a tractor trailer ties up traffic for 6 hours and sends 7 people to the hospital. i'm melanie alnwick with a live update. >> plus, $400 million. dc ends the year in the green. the money is not going to taxpayers. >> and later on, a new show hits the stage at the shakes spear theater company. joins us live to talk about his time here in washington and what we can expect to see. >> later this hour, the photo that has been talking. justin bieber's reps say this picture isn't what it appears to be. what they say happened with this fan
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